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Состав коллаборативного робота CR-7iA

The smallest of the Collaborative Robots - ideal for confined spaces

Hi, I am the smallest of the collaborative robot range, with six axis in my arm, and my maximum payload is 4kg. Similar to my fellow collaborative robots, I handle lightweight tasks that are tedious, highly manual. My compact nature enables me to perform smaller jobs in areas with limited space requirements. It is possible for me to be wall- or invert-mounted, offering me a wider range of motion without interfering with the operator’s workspace.

Since I can take over these dull jobs, your hands are free to focus on more intelligent work or even more pressing matters. We can also work together side-by-side on tasks that are more complex, and require more interactive approaches (e.g. robot hands the part and the operator handles the quality checking).

In addition to my compact, slim design, I am able to operate closely with humans without fencing due to a safety stop feature. This special ability increases the space availability, resulting in considerable cost savings.

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